Natural lakes

Bathing and swimming in the nature

If you love having a swim at times, or perhaps even a dive or a surf on your holiday in the mountains, you are in the right place at the Berghof holiday hotel in Erpfendorf!

With the Going bathing lake, plus Lauchsee and Walchsee, you can reach three beautiful natural lakes within around 10 minutes’ drive and a maximum distance of 14 kilometres.

There are 15 lakes within a radius of 36 kilometres, with crystal-clear mountain water for you to swim in and more.

Bathing lakes in the surrounding area

Waidring bathing lake (8 km)

Going bathing lake, north bay (11 km)

Lauchsee outdoor pool (12 km)

Walchsee promenade (14 km)

Schwarzsee outdoor pool (16 km)

Kirchberg bathing lake (19 km)

Hintersteiner See (20 km)

Hechtsee outdoor pool (24 km)

Stimmersee bathing facility (26 km)

Thiersee (27 km)

Kirchbichl bathing lake (30 km)

Ritzensee Saalfelden (33 km)

Uttendorf bathing lake (33 km)

Hollersbach bathing lake (34 km)

Niedernsill bathing lake (35 km)

Lake Zell (36 km)
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