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Hotel Berghof in Erpfendorf

Getting together is a matter close to our heart. Zsamm’kemma, as we call it in our local dialect. When you come to the Berghof holiday hotel, you automatically get together, in a nice way, with those who look after the guests.


The Unterrainers have been taking care of guests for generations. It is not just them. Many long-term employees not only feel like a part of our big family, but are also passionately involved in the work of our hotel. If you want to learn more about the history of the Berghof holiday hotel, you can find out more about the past decades here.

This is a reason why we count, among our regular guests, so many families who are coming to us in their second and third generations. Or we should perhaps say - getting together with us. We can all promise you one thing: we put our heart and soul into hosting you. You’re sure to feel this when you stay with us - from the lovingly designed breakfasts to the decoration in the hotel to the care provided in our wellness oasis.

There are many services offered that reflect our warm hospitality.

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Familie Unterrainer GmbH & CoKG

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